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This item is designed to assist with the review and audit your disaster recovery or contingency plan. It covers the status of the recovery plan itself, and explores in detail the actual content of the plan, covering everything from business function definition to return to normal operations.

A Disaster Recovery Plan Audit Questionnaire

A handful of the many issues embraced:
Is the Business Continuity Plan a formal and discrete document?
Where is the document containing the business continuity plan stored?
Is the BCP document designated as "Company Confidential"?
Does the BCP document contain a policy statement that has been written by the executive management ?
Does the structure of the BCP document allow for sections to be given to members of the crisis team for their action?
Does the BCP document identify the contacts for emergency equipment and service suppliers?
Does the BCP document contain details of any critical checkpoints, by which time specific business functions must be available?
Does the BCP document itself contain details of how often the plan should be tested? If so, what frequency does it recommend?
Does the BCP document prioritise the recovery tasks, and specify timescales by which each task should be completed?

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