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The BCP Generator simplifies the development and testing of a coherent Business Continuity Plan. It is designed to help your organization recover as effectively as possible from unforeseen disaster.

Creating a living business continuity plan is not a trivial or simple process. However, it is equally the case that the creation of a plan is sometimes made far more difficult than is actually necessary.

Do you really need a complicated or complex software suite to develop your living plan? Must you have ten years experience in business continuity planning? Do you need to invest untold resources into the plan development process? Without doubt, if you use the Business Continuity Plan Generator, the answer is a definite and unqualified NO!

 business continuity templateThe BCP Generator: The Intelligent Template

The BCP Generator consists of two items....
A business continuity guidebook
A comprehensive and simple to use plan template

Simplicity and ease of use is emphasized throught: this should not be rocket science. Both items are provided as attractively presented Word documents.

The business continuity plan template will remove much of the difficulty at a stroke... it embraces the whole range of continuity planning requirements. All you have to do is insert the specific details for your own organization, business unit or office.

The guide explains and documents each section of the plan. Indeed, it dynamically links to the appropriate part of the plan/template for each issue considered! This allows you to develop the plan itself quickly and accurately with a minimum of fuss.

continuity templates The BCP Generator: Continuity Planning Made Easy

The template document covers everything from initial business impact analysis (known as BIA) through to return to business as usual (BAU) following an incident. The forms included are very straightforward indeed, allowing easy update and completion. The format of the template / plan is designed for your flexibility. It can be changed or edited as needed, to reflect your unique or specific needs/requirements.

The accompanying guidebook is essentially a comprehensive reference work. It takes you through the entire process in a simple step by step manner, explaining what is required and where to insert your own data. The strategic planning guidelines and procedures are presented in an attracive easy to understand way.

The BCP Generator certainly takes the toil and stress out of the continuity planning process. It makes it easily manageable, and draws upon the knowledge of some of the most experienced business continuity professionals in the industry.

the business continuity generator Obtaining Your Copy Of The BCP Generator
The Business Continuity Plan Generator can now be purchased online and instantly downloaded to your PC. You can obtain your copy at a special price of just $199 via our secure online purchase page.


business continuity plan   Buy the Business Continuity Plan Generator business continuity plan


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