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business continuity template The BCP Generator: The Intelligent Template

The product consists of two items:
A quality business continuity guide
A comprehensive business continuity plan template

'Easy to use' is the catch phrase throughout: this is not and should not be rocket science. It should not be a battle. Both the items are provided as MS-Word documents, in line with this philosophy.

The plan template will certainly take away much of the difficulty and stress. It covers the whole range of continuity issues. All you need to do is insert the specific details for your own organization.

The guide explains each section of the plan itself. Indeed, it goes further: it dynamically links to the appropriate part of the plan for each issue covered. This enables you to develop the plan quickly and accurately with minimum fuss or distraction.

The Business Continuity Template The BCP Generator - Planning Made Easy

The BCP Generator's template covers everything from business impact analysis (BIA) right through to return to business as usual (BAU). The forms are very extremely straight forward, enabling simple update and completion. Nothing is overlooked.

The accompanying guide is nothing short of a comprehensive reference work/book. It takes you right through the process, step by step, explaining what is needed and where to insert your own data.

The BCP Generator takes the pain out of continuity planning. It makes it manageable, drawing on the knowledge of a team of the most experienced consultants in the whole industry. Little wonder that it is now used in over 100 different countries, by countless thousands of organizations, of all shapes, sizes and complexions.


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